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Why is there a love-hate relationship among middle class audiences for Attack The Block?

Just saw this [] and, yes there have been loads of reviews of Attack The Block – overwhelmingly glowing, but I thought I’d post this partly because the clip they chose is one of Danielle‘s scenes ;) but also because I think there’s a theme running between the love and hate tweets I’ve seen about this film. The lovers massively outnumber the haters btw.

Overall Mark Kermode gives it a thumbs up for its “authenticity” and Joe Cornish’s commitment to achieving that through the casting, but he says that it has a problem in trying to be both funny and scary and is neither. Well it did make me jump more than I expected, but it is fundamentally a comedy and its success there lies in the “authenticity” Kermode refers to. The “authenticity” is also possibly the reason that some white, middle-class, non-Londoners didn’t find it funny. For me that doesn’t matter. “Four Weddings…” and all that Hugh Grant English romantic comedy stuff does nothing for me personally and don’t get me started on the version of Notting Hill portrayed in the film of that name! The fact is we rarely get films that working class urban youth can identify with and genuinely laugh at – and we (including this middle-aged man!) laughed ourselves silly, while clocking the socio-political comment that ran through it. No “it’s not Kidulthood or Adulthood” [Gavin Esler from the programme] and thankfully so. Those films have their place in the mix, but it’s been time for a bit more imagination and Attack The Block has that.

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