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Yousaf Gets Ready for New York PART 2

Yousaf Gets Ready for New York PART 2

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  • Shake Summer 2013: Power, Propaganda, Perceptions.

    Power, Propoganda, Perceptions: Voices That Shake Summer Programme – We were blown away by the emotional power and political insight of the young people’s work. Come to the showcase on Oct 29th and feel for yourselves.

  • Community, Identity & Conflict in Hounslow – Cranford School students make an intervention

    This evening, the 15th July, at 6.30pm, 35 Year 8 and Year 9 students from Cranford Community College in Hounslow will share their insights on community cohesion in their borough…

  • Truth And Youth

    At this year’s DocFest Hi8us South wants to involve documentary filmmakers in a dialogue with young people about building effective outreach and impact campaigns around documentary films – exploring the power of documentary beyond the box office.