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Book & DVD: Inclusion Through Media

Inclusion Through Media was a three year programme delivered by a Europe-wide partnership of professional media and youth organisations led by Hi8us. This book offers first hand accounts of work across and beyond Inclusion Through Media, alongside critical analysis of many of the processes involved, and the policy issues it raises. It suggests ways in which working with media with disenfranchised groups can contribute to social cohesion and inclusion, and so points the way towards new media, youth and social policy.

Inclusion Through Media has become an essential text for both academic study and professional practice in the field of participatory media. The book includes an accompanying DVD.


heavy-load_dvd-coverDVD: Heavy Load

Heavy Load are Lewes’ answer to the Ramones, a punk outfit subject to the inflammatory mix of ego, fantasy, and desire that fuels any emerging band. Theyre also, uniquely, made up of musicians with and without learning disabilities, which makes the bands survival a precarious negotiation between two different worlds: on the one hand the institutional timetable of day centres, work placements and social workers; on the other the chaotic slacker life of rehearsal rooms, studios and gigs.

Shot over two years as the band record their first album The Queen Mother’s Dead, the film is a comedy of conflicting ambitions, capturing the sweat and romance of playing in a band as they move out of the ghetto of disability club nights to test whether their dreams can survive in the mainstream.

Following a succesful cinema release, the DVD of this multi-award winning film can be purchased directly from the movie website.

BTNG_ReportBeyond the Numbers Game was a research project conducted by Hi8us in partnership with the Centre for Urban and Community Research at Goldsmiths’ College, University of London to look at the efficacy of participatory media as a personal empowerment tool and instrument for social change. The published report uses case studies of Hi8us projects to argue that the combination of media professionalism and industry kudos with a developmental whole-person approach brings benefits far beyond either a narrow, technical-skills-based approach or a diversionary approach where media is not pursued seriously. It also provides a useful resource for project evaluation, demonstrating the use of creative methods with multimedia online tools to embed quantitative and qualitative evaluation into programmes at the service of project objectives rather than as a burdensome funding requirement.

The report can be downloaded for free here

Other DVDs

Many of our projects result in the production of boxed DVDs which are available for sale. These include a number designed as learning resources for use in educational contexts. For more information, visit the Projects section of this site. Please contact us to enquire about purchasing any of these products.